About Quad MomsTM

Quad Moms is a family organization that supports the mission and purpose of the Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets by specifically addressing these issues:

  1. To provide a source of general information about the Corps and TAMU that is based on experience.
  2. To offer financial support to specific fund-raising missions as identified by Quad Mom members.
  3. To provide aid and comfort to cadets and their family, regardless of their membership in Quad Moms.
  4. To offer moral support to parents of former cadets who are in the U.S. military and to offer moral support to those former cadets as they serve our grateful nation.​

To contact one of the Quad Mom officers or committee chairs, go here.

Quad Moms Mission:

Through the use of virtual communication tools, we unite Aggie Corps moms to encourage and inform each other and our cadets.  Quad Moms promote Texas A&M University core values in our role as mothers of the Keepers of the Spirit.